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Leaving Las Palmas

The day we all been waiting for is finally here. Today we started our last trip together as a class on Gunilla, and it all began with wind, waves and a new uninvited friend.

As usual we woke up at 7 o’clock, had breakfast and one hour later it was time for the morning attendance. Luckily my working shift started at noon so I didn’t have to leave the harbor, which means more sleep after the attendance.

Rumors has been spread on the boat meaning that it should be much waves and a lot of wind out on the ocean. To be on the safe side many of us putted on a bandade for seasickness yesterday and that was a good move. Just like the rumors said, we sailed right into the wind and big waves which lead to approximately half of the students laying on deck feeling seasick. Including me with my bandade behind my ear.

Even though it was a rough start for many of us, we still kept our faces happy and managed to set sails. During my shift, 12-16, we had a fire drill to practice how to act IF an emergency comes, which hopefully won’t happen. After the drill we also practice what to do if the entire crew needs to leave the boat on life rafts. Finally to end the shift, we had a ”boat meeting” on deck to discuss problems and any question marks.

Forward to the night shift the wind was still going strong and it was hard to even keep balance, especially under deck. We all laid on each other and resting,

Now its time to get under deck and try to sleep through the boats rolling and turning.

Wish you all the best in Sweden!

Klara Kyldahl, SAB1922


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