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Leaving Saint Malo

Today was the day we would leave Saint Malo and sail to Bremerhaven. Unlike the other days of departure we would leave in the evening instead of in the morning. Our wach needed to be on the boat at lunch to start the working shift between 12 and 16 which meant that we only had one morning to enjoy the city and surrounding areas of Saint Malo.

We had explored the city quite comprehensively the previous days so we decided to head for the local boulangerie. The pastries are the thing that I was most surprised by in France. I could buy a boring lockin cake with icing but on the inside a whole world of different flavors combined to make the ultimate pastry. But you can never expect what to get because a majority of the text signs are in french. If you can translate basic flavors and fruits you could figure out what most off the pastries are. And the baguettes are fenomenal, a perfect crust and an astounding sourdough texture and taste is what you get. The baguettes are also one of the few items that are available at a good price that usually never go much higher than 1 euro for one baguette. After we had bought what we needed at the bakery we went to the beach. It was high tide when we arrived so we waited for the water to sink away. When the water had sunken by a meter or so we could go and explore the forts on the surrounding islands that now are connected to the mainland by the beaches. The hours slipped away and soon it was time to walk back to the ship to have our lunch. After the lunch was it our time to work and represent the ship. I was sitting landing guard and had to watch the gangway and answer questions about the ship to passing people. The sun was shining and the four hours past quite quickly. One hour later where we going thru the lock and wawing back at the people standing on the surrounding docks. With a small headwind breese we motord slowly towards the sunset for the rest of the evening.



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