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Let's stay positive

Today we reached Funchal Madeira after another way too short sea leg. Having much time in harbour is nice but I long for full weeks at sea.

The first happening in this harbour was covid-19 testing for the whole crew. I was nervous, even though I´ve had several tests over the last pandemic year. We got tested in a container who was placed on the quay right beside Gunilla. The healthcarers welcomed us to the island dressed in spacesuits ready with sticks to shove down our throats and up our nostrils. The testing went smoothly, after a quick braintickle we were free to go.

In this harbour it was starboard’s turn to start the watch schedule and therefore my turn to work in the gally. Even though we have been away sailing for almost three weeks I have had very little time there. Therefore I haven’t got the opportunity to get to know the chefs properly. Sporre, our main chef, seems to have a hard time remembering our names and distinguishing what things we havet told him about ourselves. This morning he was determined that I was born in Stockholm, because of my accent. Like the proud westcoast girl I am, I was very offended by the misconception. I was born and raised in Bohuslän, Sweden´s absolutely most beautiful region with salty water, real fishing culture and a very NON Stockholmish accent. In response to me acting very offended by the misconception Sporre stopped trying to learn my name and started calling me ”Stockholm”. Now I´m trying to come up with a nickname for him that will have the same hurting effect, but he dosen´t seem to be quite as nationalistic towards his hometown as I. But I´ll come up with something in time.

Since we're still waiting for the covid-results the crew is now stuck together onboard. I think it’s cozy, we play cards, call our relatives and collectively procrastinate our schoolwork. Procrastination is one of our favorite time occupations here onboard, we really have much studying to do but right now we can´t focus on anything else other than what fun things we should do here. Patience is not one of our best qualities but let’s procrastinate schoolwork, stay positive and test negative!

Best wishes,



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