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Life as a “rondman”

As a “rondman” you have 2 mainly important things to keep track of. In every guard you should go four rounds, of which one is a write round. You keep track, so that nothing burns, smells strange etc. Another important thing to do is to turnout the guards, who will have guard after us and tell them how the weather is and what clothes you recommend them to wear.

So, when the guard began, you go the so called write round. Down to the engine room, rig storage, galley and the big mess to check that everything looks good and smell well. The write round, you write down all the values, so Marco keeps track.

Every hour, you go on a new round to check everything, but you don´t have to write this time. If you have the chance to chill out in the big mess, you take it. Above out if there are hard works on the deck. But it´s actually not just me.

On the night watch, you are also responsible for the laundry and all ship laundry, which is towels, sheets etc. It should all be washed during the night.

The wake up takes place 30 minutes before guard. Today’s turnout was something very special, because Annika became 18 years old today. The whole midships watch, starboard watch and some people from the port watch, went together to wake up and sing for her. I, as a round man went first into the cabin to turnout and when I said, “now I turn on the light”, we turned on the disco light and everyone stood there and sang Happy Birthday for her.

Julia, midship watch


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