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Life on the ocean

The only sound I hear when I close my eyes for sleep is the ship making it's way through the ocean, the slow waves against the hull. If I would go up on main-deck I would spot lights from the coast where the borderline between Spain and Portugal are.

But who wants to look at the horizon in the distance when you can glance up at the stars high above? While climbing in the rigging at night it feels like I can stretch out my hand and gather them, just as if they where tropical fruits hanging from it's trees in a foreign country. It's truly beautiful, not like anything to be seen at home.

Yesterday, as I worked in the cold morning, I heard one of my friends scream from the stern of the ship. Thousands of feelings rushed trough me when I heard someone scream that high onboard; maybe someone had fallen into the water? Luckily, the people who rushed to portside didn't look terrified, they looked amazed. While joining my friends I saw what the big fuss was about. Approximately 30 meters from the ship a whale made it's way through the blue water, letting a cascade of water out of its back as it swam beside us. It was amazing, the feeling inside me can't be described with words. Over and over again, I realize that things I experience onboard can't be explained for people who haven't been here themselves. It's not like anything else being onboard T/S Gunilla, but it's simply the best.

Juliette Olofsson,



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