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Lightning at sea

I woke up at 7 o’clock, everyone woke up even before he came into their room because he knocks so hard on the door, you can hear him coming down through the corridor.

After I woke up it was time for breakfast, and I ate a little extra knowing that my watch was going to be leaving the port.

We had heard the evening before that the weather was going to be quite rough so I was prepared for the worst, I didn’t need to because we had a really nice watch and the wind hadn’t really picked up yet. I went up in the mast to unfurl some sails so that we could out them up. The wind started to pick up right s we handed over the watch to midship who had the 12 to 4 watch.

Afterwards I planned to study but I ended up watching Netflix until we had a big meeting where we got to know in a little more detail what we were going to be doing in Portimão and Lisbon.

The evening watch was cozy, it was raining a lot an there was lightning everywhere, that was really cool. We also saw a cloud rainbow whatever that is. They also told us that at least half the watch had to stay on deck at all times which made it a bit harder to fika and to do all the cleaning that we have to do.



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