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Lisbon brought adventure 

Today was our first day for us to see and experience Lisbon on our own and we took the chance and decided to make an adventure of the day.

We all woke up as usual around seven a clock and suddenly found ourselves on our way to breakfast. You’ve really started to appreciate the food you´re given after these first nights with only a few hours of sleep. After breakfast we headed to the centrum of Lisbon to take in and experience the city, which we did by buying ice cream, Portuguese pastries and looking in small tourist shops and second hands. What I also really enjoyed was when we went to whatever street or direction that we found interesting without any real purpose but having a good time and admire the beautiful architecture. 

After a while we decided to go to this colorful castle were the king of Portugal once lived and to get there, we took a taxi. The ride was almost 40 minutes and I didn´t understand at first how far away from Lisbon the castle was located. However, it was worth it because of the beautiful and more local parts of Lisbon we drew through.

The castle lay on the top of a mountain and therefore the last part of the road had a lot of sharp turns that made us lean back and forth in the car. After the lift we bought our tickets to the Castle and that was the first time that I realized how beautiful the nature of Portugal is. We were then walking on a small cobblestone way lined with big exotic trees and bright colored flowers that felt so different from Sweden but in a good way. 

On the way back we decided to go in jeep. But what we didn´t knew was that the driver drove extremely fast and if had been exciting to drive up along the mountain it was nothing compared to the drive down, it almost felt like we were in a Roller Coaster. He then dropped us of in a little village where we made some sighting and then we took a train back to LX Factory where we ate dinner before we walked back to Gunilla.

Overall, it was a really great day if you ask me. 

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