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Location 39o13.361 N 002o22.220 E

When you have been out sailing for a month you experience a new kind of tiredness, a kind you can’t escape from. A tiredness that isn`t like anything else. In the beginning of the trip everyone was happy and had very much energy all the time, but now almost everyone is constantly tired, especially out at sea.

At the moment of writing this we have the position of 39o13.361 N 002o22.220 E and we are heading for Malaga. The numbers may not be saying anything to you, but our location is somewhere southwest of Mallorca.

The morning started with the usual morning line-up, it must have been the shortest line-up this far for us, the captain said good morning and told us that we were leaving at 9 pm. As he said, we left at 9. Not much happened, so most of us went back to sleep or studied, but there were a few who took their computers, and looked at some downloaded movies. One of them was me...

At 3 am big things happened, we had boat meetings. The boat meetings are made up in four parts, first the crew has a meeting in 20 minutes, then the crew and the students have the big meeting on deck, after the very big meeting everyone goes to their watch and discuss what we said earlier or say anything else, and at least we have the small meeting, it’s like the small council in Game of thrones. At the small meeting we are two people from every watch, the DOS and the captain. Today we stated that the mood on Gunilla is very good even though we are very tired as I wrote before. Speaking of tiredness, I’m going to bed, my warm and cozy bed.

Goodnight and have some sweet dreams!

Eskil, starboard


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