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Looking at the stars

A lot of you readers may know this, but for all of you who doesn’t, this is SA1619 last trip with Gunilla.

It feels pretty good, as well as sad. The good thing is to be done with this boat where you never feel fresh, even though you’ve just stepped out of the shower. Where you always feel tired, even though you’ve slept when you’re suppose to sleep and more. Where there’s always things broken, like for now, the fridge is broken, (actually that is a bit good though, since we then had to eat all of our ice cream, so it wouldn’t melt.)

I’m sad since this is the last time I’m doing this. I’m going to miss the beautiful sunsets, where the sky turns pink then purple and then blue. I’m going to miss how you can burst into laughter about nothing with people you seldom speak to at home. I’m going to miss the adventure on being on a boat and just enjoy the moment, without ant technology disturbing. I’m trying to take care of the time I’ve got left here on the boat. Like on the last night watch, I took an extra minute to look at the gazing stars.

Manali Wallman


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