Öckerö gymnasium

Love is in the air!

Today I woke up at 10,30 am. I didn’t like the soup that were served for lunch, so I ate breakfast instead. After the breakfast it was time for watch again. 12 am to 4 pm. It was warm. Me and Miqis sat the whole day and sanded rust in the sun. We took many breaks to drink water, but it always felt like I was going to faint. It was SOOO hot!!!

When our watch was finished, it was time for lessons. Knowing that we don’t have so much time left makes me feel a lot of stress over the assignments I have left. I should have worked more in the beginning of the trip. On our next sailing I will study more in the beginning. Its easy to be after wise.

In starboard we arranged a love letter thing. Everyone who wants to, can send a love letter to someone. It was the first time we gave the letters out and it was a success. It was perfect timing for us to tell everyone what we like and appreciate whit each other. Now in the end of the sailing it was very necessary

On the night watch we didn’t do anything special except from the ordinary. We only cleaned the laundry room and ate quesadillas as a snack. It was a cozy watch and as usually I fell asleep the time I put my head to the pillow.

Elin Ås Jakobsson, Starboard


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