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Love Sailing!

Our watchleader Olof, green in the face, puking over the gunwale responding with the line “Love Sailing” with an ironic smile on his face.

Nothing could describe the situation on Gunilla better. When there is nothing left to complain about, when the last tear is running down some sailor’s face and nothing seems to make the situation better, people need to work through their feelings in a new way, with laughter.

Its day three without air condition, without a full workforce on deck, without a whole night’s sleep but people seem to stop complaining about the misery we are having onboard. Maybe people are getting used to the oozing, pressuring heat you meet when going down the latter to the big mess. Maybe people are getting used to not sleeping a whole night, but what I think is that my fellows onboard are changing their attitude - deal with it.

I wouldn’t call it that people are getting apathic about the situation rather ironic. And in my opinion, that is a positive change. Somewhere -in this moment- everyone’s highest will is to be laying down in a cool bed in Sweden eating their favorite food watching their favorite TV-show. But somewhere people know that, such reality is way beyond. I see it all over the ship. No one is complaining, no one is wining, instead people are laughing like never before. Not even a single complaint was discussed on the weekly meeting about the situation onboard. Because when things are at its worst, the only way is to laugh. And when you start seeing life through that way everything seems funny.

The oozing heat in the big mess - people are calling it a mortuary with a glint in the eye. When there are four instead of three in ports workforce people responds with -“wow you’re many today” sarcastically. And even when a seasick watch leader pukes over the gunwale he responds with the line “love sailing” with an ironic smile on his face – people are laughing.

Erik Jenderbo Midship


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