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Low tide and crepe´s

This was a day full of different events, everything from work to a long walk. The highlights of the day were the delicious crepes and the beautiful view we saw from two small islands.

The day started with line-up at eight o’clock as usual. After that I had watch. Today I was guard over the boat so I had a very calm watch. All you have to do is to keep track that no one goes onboard and make sure that everything is alright on the boat. The weather was not the best here in France, pretty windy and rainy. Therefore we were very happy when the clock was ten so we could go inside on fika. Today was a
student's birthday and she wished for carrot cake. We appreciated the cake very much, it was delicious.

After lunch I was free. Alice and I went on a long walk. We saw that we could walk to two small islands because it was low tide, last day the passage was full of water. Here in Saint-Malo the water level could have a height difference of nine meters. There was a lot of seashells on the way out to the island and once we arrived the seashells made a clinky noise from our pockets. The islands were green and had remains of the former ruins from the 1600´s. During the afternoon the weather became nicer and sunnier. When we stood on the first island the sky was clear blue and the sea was completely turquoise.

Our next goal this day were finding a cozy café. We walked to the city and found one where we bought Crossiants and Crepes with Nutella. I don’t know how many Crepes my class have eaten during our stay here in France, but there are a lot!

We came back to the boat around 5 pm, right in time for the daily cleaning of the boat. Midships have watch today, therefore we stand for the cleaning. After dinner me and Ida went out running, soon we will start sailing again so we took the opportunity when we were still ashore. The day ended with a little midship gathering and we watched a movie.

Emmelie Vogl, midship


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