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Lübeck in 456 words

Everyone was excited about leaving Lübeck, even if the visit here has been amazing.

I woke up at 6:00 am today to make the last breakfast in Germany for this time. The sun was shining and the sleepy city was starting to slowly wake up when we left quay for the second time this trip. My classmates and I have done everything from playing volleyball to stroll around on the big shopping streets in hamburg and to rent canoes for paddling in the channel . We have also done two school trips that were very emotionally loaded, one of them to the big concentration camp Nuengamme, and the other one to Sankt Jakobi church here in Lübeck, which is the church were the only lifeboat from the school ship Pamir, as shipwrecked 1957, is preserved.

Gunilla was moored very near the center, walking to the main street only took you about five minutes. You had to walk over a small bridge, with only a meter wide pavement for pedestrians, to get to the city. It was an old grey truss bridge, it felt almost like it was taken out of a Harry Potter film. Why you had to walk over a bridge was because Gunilla was located on the small island, not the big one were the center is. It was a flee market just about ten meters away from Gunillas gangway, both students and command did many great finds. There were a lot of people walking in and out from the cheap bargain paradise which was fun to look at when we were on watch at Gunilla!

Lübeck was in my opinion a very beautiful city. You notice that it is an old Hansa city in many ways. Almost every street was laid out with cobblestone, the fact that many of the students had pain in their feet, is not very strange. The houses were quite high but narrow, a lot of them were in bright colors and plants wound up on almost every gable wall. There were many old ships moored along the channel, some of them looked like Gunilla and some of them looked like they would sink to the bottom any minute.

Lübeck was a quite calm city, but not too calm. There were stores and restaurants in a big area, too many for us, we didn't have enough time to go trough them all, even if we wanted to. The channel runs through the city and it is very common to rent paddle boards or canoes and paddle around the island.

I think that I talk for everyone when I say that the visit in Lübeck was great! It is not impossible that I will come back one day!

Alva Pettersson, portside


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