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Making time

When we are in a port, we are supposed to go out in the city and experience the culture and more along our assigned studies in that port.

So, when are in the city we go and see all different things. Then we go and eat, and then we eat a some more. Finally, we continue our trip until we go home to Gunnis again. At that time, a lot of us are exhausted and only want to sleep. But somewhere along the line, we’re also supposed to study and repeat the things we have learned.

Today was the first overcast day of our trip and, maybe you thought, maybe I can study a little today and just take it chill on the boat. But as you may know we’re still in port because of the broken engine. Therefore, at 9:30 Am we left the port by foot and went to the train station. We went to a beach city called Cascais where we held some competitions. It was a lot of teamwork in the making and I learned once again why I hate the beach, it’s sand all over! But it was still fun and my team OV (stands for the places we sleep, like over vertical) came in second place.

Me personally ended my visit in the city with a bananacake and some coffee at a café that was hype according to Britta, our Dos (the teacher). It was really good and the coffee was the best I had in a long time. It was actually demanding since I was woken up at 4:15 Am and didn’t sleep between the end of my shift (each third day we have ship duty when we look after the boat during the day and night) and breakfast. Then I accidentally fell asleep on the first train, and on the beach again. This time against a spiky cliff wall sitting up.

When we were back on Gunnis, we could finally take it slow. But many of us had to study as I mentioned before. Midships that had ship duty today, had to start cleaning the ship since they were in Cascais with us during the day.

It is amazing to see all of Lisbon during schooltime. We meet a lot of people and try a lot of new things. We learn to follow the ship schedule and how to take even more responsibility. But it still can be hard to find time for everything. I guess we will just have to make our time more worth. Also, we do not know how it will be out on the sea. Maybe we will be more rested and find more time for studies and personal time.

Finally, I think everything is alright onboard and we will make time for everything.

Elina Sverlinger

Port watch


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