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Mallorca in sight

The second day at sea started with watch from midnight to four am for us in midship. When we got woken up by the previous watch we were told to wear multiple layers of clothes, and so we did. Despite walking around like penguins due to the many layers of clothes, the majority of us were still freezing.

There wasn’t much that we had to do during our watch, which was very fortunate, since some people (myself included) were seasick, and therefore couldn’t be of any help. Mostly we just sat and stared at the horizon, wishing that the seasickness would go away and dreaming about having our feet on stable ground again. It was however a really beautiful watch, lightning lit up the sky and the water coming up on deck was shimmering due to the mareel in the water.

The hours following our watch, the sea calmed down. When we woke up again at 11am, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and on port side we could see Mallorca! During this watch we painted a bit and fixed some things up in the mast. At three pm, it was finally time for the “fika” we had heard rumors about! Our expectations were sky high as we settled down in the little mess to have pancakes with nutella and berries. It was absolutely delicious, and everyone went back on deck feeling satisfied.

Most watches today have been really chill according to the people I’ve talked to. I have been told that they could relax, talk and look at the tiny birds flying around the ship instead of working. These small, fluffy birds have been quite an entertainment on board the last day. We’ve assumed that they must’ve been on the ship when we left Barcelona, and then just stayed here as totally adorable stowaways.

Right now, the clock is seven pm and everyone has just had dinner, which was spinach lasagna. The 4-8 watch are working and the rest of us are either sleeping or watching Game of Thrones. To sum the ninth of November up, it’s been a good day without much wind, hence why we’re currently moving at the impressive speed of one and a half knots.

Johanna Engsner, Midship


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