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Maneuver by all the trainees

It's now day 4 on board on Gunilla and this is our second trip on this ship.

It feels very special to be back after 6 months. Its great to be here again with all these amazing people and get to know the new crew.

We are currently between Sweden and Denmark. We probably would’ve been in Germany by now if it wouldn’t be for all the maneuvers we had to do. The wind wasn’t striking right so we had to turn the ship around. Jesper, our chief officer, came down in the middle of our lesson and asked if all trainees could help the watch on deck to manage the maneuver. It was really fun actually! Its not very often that all the watches work together like that when we´re at sea. Not to mention the fact that we skipped study time, so thank you Jesper!

When it was time for my watch, midship, to turn Gunilla around again it wasn’t quite the same experience as before because we had to do it alone. It took us a little longer than before, we basically sailed forth and back to the exact same spot for 4 hours straight. But it was nice to get some extra sailing time before we arrive to Germany.

Hope you are feeling well out there. We are great here except the seasick people and cockroaches that live with us.

Zelda Ekelund, Midship watch


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