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Man Over Board!

Sundays on T/S Gunilla means no school, a “fancy” breakfast, good vibes, and from time to time something over board.

My day started bright and early at 03:30, the lights in my cabin lit right into my eyes and a voice said “25 minutes until watch” which my response to was “UUUUUH”. After a few minutes of fighting the thought of going back to sleep I put on every piece of clothing I had, brushed my teeth and went up to the main deck yawning. Our night watch was nothing special, we saw a few other boats in the horizon and we discussed different issues such as what song we should sing at the watch exchange.

At 08:00 we got of watch and hungry as we were, we headed straight to the small mess and Sunday-breakfast with pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. Of course I ordered all of the above and I will say that I`ve never felt better at 8 o`clock in the morning. I then went straight to bed and fell asleep in seconds and stayed like that until it was time for lunch which I believe was fish tacos, but I’m not sure, It might as well have been soup for all I know. It isn’t that I didn’t see or taste the food, it’s just that onboard I barley remember what I did five minutes ago yet alone what I had for lunch. But what I can tell you is that whatever we had it was amazing.

While enjoying my second nap of the day the bell rang, people ran and from the speakers I could hear “man over board”, at first I was as scared as you could possibly be but I soon realized that man over board wasn’t the only thing the speakers said, they also said drill… Man over board DRILL.

The drill began by our captain throwing a papaya fruit over board and everyone trying to keep our eyes on it while trying to navigate the ship back to the papaya. I am glad to say that our poor papaya was back on board, safe and sound after 9 minutes.

To you all from us all - Don’t worry!

Jacob Carlson SAS1922


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