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Many hands make light work

The day was long and started already four o’clock in the morning as normal when we’re at sea. My work day finished sometime around 8.00 p.m but of course I got some sleep and breaks. This day was also the day many waited for because today we arrived at Tenerife, a bigger and more energetic island in comparison with the others.

The rondman came and aroused us up at 3:30 am, me and my roommates were really tired and our zest for life was on the bottom but we managed to crawl out of bed even this early morning. Fortunately, we only had two hours instead of four hours work this morning in order to deal with the calm weather. It was enough with half the workforce so my half worked two hours and the other half worked the second half. I was a helmsman which is okay, I think, and after our shift we were met by homemade pizza. Those who worked in the galley had done really good work, afterwards everyone went to bed again which was much needed until lunch.

After six hours of sleep we woke up in Tenerife and it was lunchtime, we got served really good tomato pasta with perfect oven-grilled pork fillet. Subsequently it was my and two other comrades' job to clean up and do the dish after lunch, boring but it's always best to put your best foot forward. When the cleaning was done, we made a super delicious chocolate cake for afternoon break and it seemed like everyone appreciated it. This day was actually one of the warmest so far and we had to work instead of lay on the beach, unfair but it is what it is. Surprisingly few of my classmates who were vacant chose to stay inside this beautiful day because they thought it was too hot outside. I’m happy anyway because I got sunbathed for half an hour before dinner prep.

For dinner the chef made mini fries and haddock, really tasty. Me and my comrades made the salad, helped to fry the fries and set the table. The hard work always starts after dinner when it's time to clean up after the dinner but also do the big clean the whole galley. Last night they worked until around ten pm to get approved for their job. Lucky as we are the chef offered to help us get rid of all the work that had to be done, wash all the bulkheads, scrub the floor, clean the wells and more but that many hands made light work and we were done already 8:30 pm.

After a long work day my friends and I planned our free day tomorrow, take a taxi to the beach after the line-up and then go shopping and eat at a nice restaurant in the evening and just have an amazing day tomorrow. While we were planning tomorrow, we went to the galley and took some of the leftovers from the chocolate cake we made earlier which were really good, as they say the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.


//Ebba Palm Nas2023



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