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Many loud students but more loud birds

It was the beginning of the second day on Gunilla. Everything seemed normal as we were standing lined up on the main deck, listening to the captain giving information. Suddenly I noticed something wet landing on my hand, as I looked down at my hand I realised; I hate birds.

The day started at 6 o clock when I got woken up in total darkness. I was trying to find my stuff and get dressed without waking up my classmates in the room, let’s just say it was a struggle. The reason I had to wake up earlier than the rest of the crew was because I was going to prepare breakfast with some of my friends from the same watch. It was surprisingly cosy preparing food early in the morning because it was so quiet and calm. That was something that I needed from yesterday’s chaos, silence.

After breakfast we got right into getting to know the boat in our watch groups. We got to learn many things, for example what to do in case of emergency, security rules, how to cook food on the boat. I also got to climb almost all the way up on the mast. The view from the top was breath-taking. You could see all the way to the city next to the beach. On the left side of the boat I saw a fish market with many fishing boats stocked really close to each other. That explained why there were a ton of birds flying all over the place, screaming and pooping all over the boat.

In the late afternoon we could finally go out and explore the city. This was something that I have been looking forward to since we got here so I was really excited. Unfortunately one of watch groups couldn’t go with us because they were on duty that day. Actually I didn’t feel that bad for them, I was just happy I didn’t have to stay.

On the way to the city we had to go in a big group clinging onto the few guys we had in our group. That’s because it’s too dangerous walking in a small group with only girls in this country. The city was beautiful, even more beautiful at night. The people there were friendly too. The first thing we did was to go to the beach to play capture the flag and that was so much fun running around in the sand.

Later on the evening before it got dark we split up into smaller groups and went out on the tourist street to find something interesting to do. As the young Swedes we are we went to the only place we could feel like home; McDonalds. You could imagine that on the first day out in Morocco we would go to a Moroccan restaurant to experience amazing new food but we didn’t. We spent the evening sitting by McDonalds surfing on the net. I think we will experience more Moroccan food tomorrow when we visit a school in Agadir, I’m really looking forward to that.

That was all for this day, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Sofia Klahr


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