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Marked for life, both on body and in heart

Green algae and other stuff flys everywhere. Sweat is dropping down from all sorts of places. A needle stabbing you a thousand times and never stopps. A mouth filled with new exciting pleasures. New experiences, new flavors, new sort of pain that hurt like a bitch and all new happy memories. The end of our journey is near, even if we all wish it wasn´t.

Good evening, good morning or good day, when ever you todays blog. This was our last day in Portsmouth and at 12 a ´clock am tomorrow we are sailing back to home to Sweden. Even if we are longing to see everybody back home, it´s kind of sad because most of us is never going to sail with Gunilla again and all of us students are probably never going to sail with each other at the same time ever again. But we have one wonderful week to go and I think we all are going to make the most of it.

The day started like every other day. We woke up, ate some delicious breakfast, brushed our teeth and mad us ready for todays planes. Me and the other Nature Science students were going to visit ”The Marine science institute of Portsmouth” and rest of the marin-students had a free day except those who had watch back at the ship. The institut were surprisingly interesting. We all were quite tired that morning and thought the school trip to this institute was going to be really boring and a waste of free-time that we could have spent on our last day in Portsmouth instead, but no - we had actually a great time. We got to listen on a lecture about the subject ”pollution” and its meaning in the marine, in the ocean. We got to do two different labs. One were we studied different organisms that we one hour earlier had scraped away from different bridges and then picked up from the water to be observed back in that institute. We got the assignment to search for invasive spihes and other organismens. the other lab we were going to observe worms from different ports and compere them to each other. The worms were even dangers, they could actually bite you! A worm could bite you and it could actually hurt you. Hard to believe but it´s true! And they were not small!

When we were finished at the institute we went back home to take a cold shower before we went back out again. And I couldn´t had been more excited about it. Me and five other girls had actually booked time for us at a…… TATTOO STUDIO! the studio was called ”chille” and students from Gunilla goes there every year at this time. For almost a year now I have always been think of doing waves as a tattoo, but just for a couple of days ago I found this swallow on instagram that I loved and did that one instead. I absolutely love it! I couldn´t be more happier about it. it was the right decision and all the other girls were so happy with their own tattoos as well. A perfect ending of this journey. Fun fact way I choose the swallow; Seamen did a swallow when they had been sailing over 5000 nautical miles, that I also have done now. The swallow can also symbolise that after a long journey you will come back home safely. That´s way I did the tattoo and because it´s really pretty and cool. It burned like hell thow, you never thought it would stop. I didn´t say a thing and didn´t give a singel sound out, but I couldn´t talk either if someone asked me something or tried to have a conversation with me. I was so concentrated to not break from from the pain and when it was over… wow I was so proud I went it through. By the way, the spot I choose to do it on; it´s one of the most hurting places you can do a tattoo on. Just saying.

After all the pain and joy that we finally got our tattoos we celebrated with good food. We went to an Indian restaurant and wow… it was so good!! My mouth enjoyed every singel bite while my stomach just screamed ”NO MORE”!! I had never eaten Indian-food, and now I think I will never stopp eaten it. A perfect ending of a perfect day!

Now I have cleaned and wished my tattoo and brushed my teeth and ready to go to bed. So much fun that we been having takes the energy out of you. Tomorrow my crew group Midskepps starts the morning-watch. I hope we will not be needing to work our ases of so I won´t damage my new tattoo. That would be a bit sad actually. Hope everyone of you doing good back home! We will see you guys soon! Goodnight, sweet dreams and sleep tight.

Linn Persson


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