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Meteor fall in the sunrise

Good morning everyone!

Today it is a new day with new opportunities. I was woken at four o´clock in the morning and from there my watch started.

After the set-up I took over the rudder and she was light on the helm. Almost all the sails were set. Later when I was lookout, I saw a flashing airplane in the sky among with shooting stars and four dolphins. They swam in the waves at the head of the ship.

Then I saw a star fall. My biggest wish was for something exciting to happen during our watch. A few minutes later our chief engineer Stefan comes up confused and surprised on deck and looks up at the sky. He’s saying that he can see something that looks like flares. The whole watch runs to the rail to see. We saw three strong lights with a tail that fell from the horizon in front of T/S Gunilla. The light flew over the sky and later rained down as meteorites stern of the boat amongst the pink sunrise. It looked like it was raining stars from the sky which was very cool.

We went off our watch at eight o´clock and ate breakfast in the little messroom. Before I fell asleep, we had fun conversations in the cabin. I woke for lunch and the lunch was a delicious potato gratin with a pork fillet and red wine sauce.

Our studies and lessons have started again as usual. There are many assignments to prepare before we arrive at Dominican Republic. On starboards afternoon watch we worked with maintenance work onboard. I got to climb up in the mast with a whole body overall, to lubricate all the battens together with Lisa, Lina and Alva in the sunset.

Ida Gabrielsson, Starboard


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