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Another day of voiceless-ness and an awful cough that seem to spread like an old sickness from the medieval time, and the mosquito bites does not make it any easier with all their itching.

The days at sea pass quickly as usual, and tomorrow we will already settle in Mexico and today we’ve put anchor outside of Progreso. The day itself started out as always, by being woken at 11 am in order to have time breakfast or lunch before our watch which started at 12. After short hours of sleep, breakfast was a blessing for most of us and then we ought to rush down to our cabins to put on sunscreen in order to survive the sun as strong as it is on this side of the earth.

Since it is Sunday today, we don’t have any class and just free time, but because we have an assignment that has to be handed in on Thursday, many of us sat down and concentrated on our computers, responsible as we are.

Around 9 o’clock the party committee had fixed a little Mexico-night for all the students, where they’d made a quiz about Mexico and made their own chips, which were sooo good they had all been eaten before the quiz had even started and after the quiz had finished, where my team ended up last (oupsi), we watched an episode of Narcos, which is not at all Mexican, but still cozy though.

Alicia Rundéus, Starboard


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