Öckerö gymnasium

Mid-Atlantic Games

During the morning watch there was a risk for a squall, heavy rainfall and strong winds. We dowsed some sails. And then for our break we got some chocolate balls rolled in crushed biscuits. It was a nice and chill morning watch.

During the day we had some lessons and then we did the Mid-Atlantic Games. A competition in three different parts. Selepåtagning, coiling and prickskytte. The first part, ”selepåtagning”, we were supposed to wear our harness in the shortest amount of time. If the harness was put on incorrectly we got time added.

The purpose of the second part, ”kvajlrace”, was to clean the main deck and coil every line correctly and prettily. If the judges thought the coils didn’t look aestethically pleasing we got time added, if the coil were done the wrong way we got time added and if it were in the wrong place 30 seconds were added. Times two since if one line is put in the wrong place another is as well.

The third and last part, ”prickskytte”, we were to throw a throwing line through a life bouy as many times as possible in two minutes. The Mid-Atlantic Games was really fun and the second part of the games were comming in a few days. The afternoon/evening watch was very boring and we barely did anything. But since it got dark we dowsed and furled the royals.

Ellen Larsen, amidships


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