Öckerö gymnasium

Midships day off

The day started with us being woken up for breakfast. After a good breakfast, it was time to set up on deck in the usual order. When I got out on deck I became very happy, because it was almost no clouds in the sky. It was around twelve degrees so it was not as hot as I was hoping for.

When starboard had beaten glass and raised the flags, it was time for all the nature students to get ready to visit a natural biology center. When all of the students except for us seafarers had gone down to take the subway, we spent the time we had before lunch going to the Maremagnum shopping center. When we came back from the shopping trip, it was time for lunch on the boat. They served spaghetti and meat sauce which was a very appriciated meal. It was very quiet and relaxing to eat because the nature students did not eat lunch on the boat. Everyone usually speaks loudly when there are more people eating at the same time.

After lunch, us seafarers got ready to explore the big city of Barcelona a bit more while we were waiting for the nature students, who whould come back from their visit around 3 o`clock.

When all the other students returned to the boat everyone split up and went to differnt places. Some went in to town to visit some thriftstores, and the others (including me) went on a small hike to a castle. We ended the day with some kebab and a nice walk back to the ship.

Jemile Doydu, midship


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