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Midship, the curled children

Today, the third day in Santa Crùz de la Palma, it was Midship’s turn to have a 24 hour watch. Midship’s watch begun at 8 am. They started packing and dressing like everyone else. Packing for a school trip. Again, poor Midship had the bad luck of skipping almost all of their work because of a school trip.

It was a long day. We went by bus all the way up to the top of Roque de los Muchachos, which is 2 426m above sea level. We stopped a couple of times on the way, either because the guide wanted to show us something or just to wake our feet from deep sleep. The clouds turned surprisingly fast from watching down on us to cover the cute city Santa Crùz, and so Gunilla. The weather was delightful, the sun shone and there were, in spite of the height, no wind. At the top there were no trees, but as we went down, we became surrounded by thousands of banana plants.

Today was a day full of ears struggling with air pressures, eager hands failing to take pictures of the view from a moving bus and snores from tired pupils. But besides that, the day was no fail. it’s hard not enjoying a day among the clouds. Especially, we all saw the pure happiness in the pupils of Midship, the enjoyment of feeling warmth from the sun instead of from a creepy machine, eating food whitout having to cook it themselves. When they enjoyed the view, the only thing we saw was the coulees at the boat falling apart and the extra job we would have to do tomorrow. But no matter how jealous we all were in that moment, later we all would fall asleep with a very comforting picture in mind, the beautiful picture of Midship attempting (and failing?) to clean the toilets.

The moral of the day, don’t ever go right, don’t ever go left, go Midship, and you will have an easy life.



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