Öckerö gymnasium

Midsummer and fruitsalad

Today is the 22nd of December and usually by this time of the year I’m really looking forward to Christmas.

But even though it is cloudy and windy outside it is 22 degrees and it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. Cold Sweden and Christmas feels so far away. It would feel a lot more natural to be celebrating midsummer. Anyways, today I had to climb up in the rig and I’m terrified of climbing there. You have to climb at least 20 meters up and the only thing you can stand on there is a rope. I was supposed to fix the sails all the way up, but when we climbed down to eat lunch I had only finished the first part. Climbing is not really my thing...

Today is my roommate My's birthday, she is turning 16. When you are celebrating your birthday you get to wish something sweet for the afternoon tea and a dinner. My chose ice-cream and fruit salad and it was very delicious. Two days to Christmas!

Hilda, portside watch


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