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Missing airplane, birthday and a movie night

Today has been a very eventful day onboard Gunilla. With everything from classes, a birthday to a missing airplane.

Our day started at midnight with singing for Emilia because she turned 18 today. Afterwards, me and the others from the port watch went to bed. We woke up at 7 o’clock and we got scrambled eggs for breakfast, so our day started off great.

Later on I worked in the kitchen from 8-12. We served snacks at 10 o’clock and after that I started blowing up balloons in the kitchen area. When Emilia came to have lunch, I gave her some chocolate as a present.

After the watch it was time for classes. We had marine biology, history and a lesson where we could choose which subject we wanted to study. For the 15 o’clock snack time we got a piece of chocolate cake in celebration of Emilia.

Suddenly people started to talk about a missing airplane! I was confused so I decided to go check with the crew if it was just a rumor or if it was true. They said that they had been contacted and told that an airplane had disappeared between our location and the Azores, so we needed to be aware of that and let them know if we saw anything. This opened up for many speculations among the students.

At 19 o’clock we had a movie night which meant that everybody was free from their tasks and all students sat together and saw a movie called Kingsman, the Golden Circle. This meant that thanks to the movie, we in the port watch missed almost 2 hours of work. So, the only things we did in the galley was to clean and serve yet another snack.

The day has been very good and a lot of things has happened today, but the best thing by far was watching a movie instead of working.




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