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Moments to keep

Today was the warmest day so far on this trip. I didn’t freeze at all when I got up on deck and I almost got too warm in my sweater.

The sun came to visit a few times during the day and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Being on deck with the sun shining on my face while watching the green snow-covered mountains in the background of the sea, hoping to see a whale or dolphin, are moments that make me smile just by thinking about them. I want to take a mental picture, or like a hundred to be more accurate, everyday just in those moments. These mountains are far too powerful and incredible for me to actually take in and realize I’m sitting right in front of them. It’s been a dream of mine to visit Iceland during summertime for years and now I’m actually here and I’m doing it and it’s more amazing than I ever could’ve imagined. I know that I’ve only been here for about two days and I haven’t even stepped of the boat yet, but it feels like one could never stop being amazed by this place. I already want to go back.

Since we’ve been anchoring since yesterday, the day started with a normal gathering on the main deck, just like the ones we do when we’re at dock. Us students got to know the plan for the day with was to start with our new watch times because we’ve done a change were we’ve done a rotation and we now have new working hours. During the day we went in to Hùsavìk for a short visit only to get food supplies. After that we continued our journey to Reykjavik, we didn’t sail though because the wind wasn’t really to our advantage so we traveled by engine. Before we could really take off for the capitol we did a short visit to the island of birds. Right outside of Hùsavìk there was a big round green island with harsh cliffs and at least a couple of hundres of Puffin birds. They were everywhere, swimming in the water and flying in front of us filling up the sky. It was really cool to see them, but they were so much smaller than I thought they would be and also so cute. Im glad we took time to go see them, it’s another thing I can check off my bucket list.

Other than that, I filled my day with some studying, a long call home to talk to my best friend whom I miss very much, and then of course the watch during which I looked out over the proud mountains of island trying to figure out which spot would be a good one for vikings to settle down. It was a good day, one of the best ones so far actually.

Sofia Risberg, Nas1821, Styrbord


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