Öckerö gymnasium

Mr. Green

Here on Gunilla we have something called Mr. Green.

It’s a small green cuddly toy that someone out of the officers hide somewhere on the boat and when you find it you get a bag of candy.

Two days ago it was Ulf’s turn to hide Mr. Green. It has been two days since he hid it and no one has found it jet. The only way you can find it is to think like Ulf. And that’s hard. To think like Ulf you have to be very open-minded because he is full of weird but interesting experiences and stories. It could be hidden just anywhere except up in any of the masts, because there would Ulf not go up to hide anything, especially not a small lame alien-like cuddly toy. Or so, it is what he wants us to believe.

I have to stop writing now because I ‘m going to climb the masts before someone else does it.

See you later alligator!

Selma Dellve, starboard


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