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Muddy clothes and Refractometers

It's 6:20 am, right now I’m sitting on Gunilla’s foredeck whilst watching a beautiful sunrise and browsing the web for the latest news and local weather forecast.

Almost everyone is asleep besides me and the two night-watches. A few of you might wonder why I pick getting up this early instead of sleeping a little bit longer – the simple answer to that is two things, silence and alone-time.

“New day – New possibilities” is a phrase which describes the life aboard very well. After breakfast and the morning lineup, we all headed of for the main adventure for today - a field trip to the Everglades.

The Everglades national park spans across 607 000 hectares of land in south Florida. First, we went to Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center to pick up Nathan and Patty, two park rangers who served as our guides around the park. They showed us around a cypress forest and freshwater slough. As you probably have seen on Gunilla’s Instagram page it was muddy, humid and sunny. Since its only was two days ago we all left Sweden, everyone was very happy to get back to the cool bus and back to Gunilla for dinner.

Before dinner, my watch got time to analyze the water-samples we collected in the Everglades as a part of our chemistry assignment. With the help of a refractometer we concluded that the water running thru was basically freshwater and the spectrophotometer, after a bunch of problem solving, it gave us some numbers of how much nitrate, phosphor and iron it contained.

Me and some others concluded that the best way of ending a day like this was going to Miami Beach for a swim, so that’s just what we did. Just another amazing day aboard with other words.

Over and out,

Albin Haglund

Port Watch


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