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My favourite stop

Finally, we’re here! After a long leg (sealeg) with seasick and living without air-condition we have arrived too my favourite stop on this voyage. No sleep morning for me this morning, I was too busy discovering Barcelona. Ohh Barcelona this beautiful big city, too much to see and too little time to see everything.

Finally, we have arrived too Barcelona. My first look when I step out on the deck was a high building. It was a big shopping mall called MareMagnum, happy me.

Today we were at a science museum, there we had the time to look at several different experiments. It was really cool actually, we also got the chance to understand why the result was as it became. After the visit, it was time to go with the metro to La Rambla. La Rambla for you who don’t know is a long shopping street in Barcelona. I have been looking forward to this stop just to walk this street and of course to waste some money.

Shop after shop, our feet just hurts more and more of all the walking. It was time for lunch…We went to a food market with small stands off all kinds of foods. Everybody’s striving stomachs turn to full food coma stomachs and everyone was happy.

Later we went to the boat and ran down to the “big mess” too show everybody in port, (who had guarding) what we had bought. They weren’t that interested as we were yesterday when they had been to La Rambla.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping again and maybe visit Sagrada de familia! Really cool and big building, hope we get tickets for an inside visit to.


Irma Kasper, starboard


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