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Near death in death

We got on the watch at eight in the morning after the usual line-up. The sun stood by then already high on the sky and heated well. My job was to portwatch the ship, so I had to sit on a chair at the same place all day and look at the same view.

You´ll get very bored after a while. So we started to do some games to get the time to go faster. I woudnt say the time flew by, but we atleast managed to have some fun throughout the day.

I suddenly heard a screaming voice. I was unsure if it came from the port, in that case, my job suddenly had got meaning. But it didn´t. The screaming came from my friend on the boat. She came up on deck with blood all over her face. I couldnt tell if she was kidding because she was laughing inbetween her crying. Of course everyone rushed to her to see if she was okay. We asked her what had happed due to that she replied ”I fell into death”. I couldn´t keep myself from laughing, it sounded so unreal, of all places. Theres a small room under deck that we call ”death”. The room has a gap that goes down into the ground, this gap stood open therefor my friend fell down. It could have gone really bad, but shes alive with some few scares. This was not the first near death experience on Gunilla, this place is dangerous.

Lisa Elm Bengtsson


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