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Nemo and beast

There is a first time for everything. I remember the first heartbreak, how worthless you were feeling for not wanting or even caring enough to get out of bed to make a small portion of noodle-soup. I also remember the first time of feeling a true disappointment on somebody you truly trusted. But most importantly for this blog, I remember the first time I ever saw Finding Nemo and after leaving me with a fear of a terrible monster.

The only thing I knew about Belize before it was confirmed we were sailing there, was their amazing snorkeling tours you could take while visiting the place. Belize snorkling is actually the second best in the world according to media. Me and the rest of my group did all agree of it was worth taking a trip to a place 45 minuts away from Belize city, an island called Cay Caulker. The island is known by many as the place to go if you want to experience good snorkeling.

Anyways, after we arrived to the island and had gotten our equipment, we were all of a sudden on our way to experience what the coral reefs had to offer. We had given to us a special cleaning substitute for the googles and were now ready and clear for jumping in the sea. At first it was hard to find a good way of swimming with the swimming feet and not drown by getting to much water in the snorkel. But after a while I figured out the technics and started to feel like a fish in the water. I really enjoyed snorkeling around seeing fish and beautiful corals.

Around 30 minuts later it was time to get back to the boat to take a break. By that time I was a bit behind the group and the distance started to grow…

When they all were up from the water, sitting on benches eating from a plate of fruits given to them by the snorkling instructor. I was a couple of meters away from the ladder and had started to prepare myself for entering the boat. I decided to have a quick small look under the water surface on last time before joining my friends. When I put my face under the waterline and opened my eyes… I realized I had direct eye contact with a terrifying fish same size as myself.

My hands started shaking and I stood still underwater unaware how to deal with the situation. After a short while, I released that there were something familiar with this horrible beast standing in the way of me and the boat.

Within a second it all come back to me, this horrible fish with massive teeth and an evil look in it´s eyes was a Barracuda!

When I was 7 years old I saw Finding Nemo for the first time. I remember how traumatized I was after seeing the desperation in Marvin's eyes (The father of Nemo) realizing his wife and all of his children were murdered by the Barracuda. Seeing a glimt of the fish in the movie gave me bad dreams for years. At the age of 7 I got my biggest fear of all time, big fish under water, but the worst of them all was the one with millions of sharp teeth and the evil looking in the eyes, the Barracuda.

I climbed up the ladder with a very high pulsed but not scared anymore. The Barracuda swimmed away after a bit of looking, not at all bothered by me. I guess the fish likes little clownfish babies more than a under average height girl with curly hair.

Portside, Frida


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