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Net party!

At the very front of our ship we have a hand tied net that conveniently, besides our working harness, keep us from falling in the water when working on the stern. This net is called a shark net.

Almost every day we have worked on this net, or could you say net working? Jokes aside, when we started this journey in Las Palmas we had an eight year old shark net but now almost a month later we have replaced it with a brand new one, therefore today it is time for a net party!

This so-called net party started on the main deck where Agnes A read a poem written by the party committee. Over our heads hung the old net from different parts of the rig. From the main deck we made our way to the forecastle where the rest of the party committee and our boatsman surprised us with a little show. The plot of their show was that there were these people called “the net people”, and they were here to make sure that all of us other “earthlings” worshipped the new and respected the old net. After this the galley served carrot cake and punch, I would lie if I did not say that this was the best carrot cake that I have ever tasted.

Hands down to the party committee this was the best net party that I have ever been on, eventhough this is also the only net party I’ve ever attended. But maybe that says more about my social circle than it does about the net party.

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