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This morning all of us took a bus to Neuengamme, a concentration camp near Gunilla.

I have read about the second world war many times in my life but never really understood that it actually happened. And it was still difficult to understand even when I heard the survivors.

But it made me feel sad, of course, and above all that I also felt afraid. Afraid that people can be able to do something that evil. That you can lose all your empathy and humanity only through hate.

The hardest part of the visit was in the end, when we walked in to a memorial building with red walls, something was written all over them. When I came closer I saw that the walls where filled with thousands and thousands names of people that lost their lives in Neuengamme. It was at this moment I finally understood that it really happened and that every name on the wall had been a person with family, friends, interests, and dreams. Just like me.

Sabrina, Portside


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