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Next stop Barcelona!

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

I usually don’t wake up in the mornings because people are too nice when waking us up. I don’t wake up by some gentle whispering. Today I got happily surprised when I woke up by a lovely tune on the melodica. That is an instrument that looks like a small piano, but you must blow air threw it to play. It works like an accordion. The main discussion at the breakfast table this morning was whether the melodica-wakening was good or horrible.

We took off from La Linea at 10am. On our way out from harbour we met Elida and another Swedish sailboat. We hooted at each other and Elida played our national theme on the trumpet. That was fun. Now we have left Elida and the view of The Rock of Gibraltar behind us and we’re heading towards Barcelona. After a couple of hours, we had a meeting with the crew. We talked about how to flush a toilet and other important stuff some people need to learn. Later that day we watched Game of thrones in the big dining room like we do every day. Some people (the smart ones) also takes the opportunity to study or sleep. I’m always tired when I go on to my night watch. Maybe I must skip Game of thrones tomorrow and sleep instead…

When I came up on popdeck at 8pm it was a beautiful sky full of stars. You couldn’t see the horizon because of the thin layer of fog on the sea. At portside of the skip you could see some Spanish mountains far away but on the other side it looked like the sea and the sky were melted together. We went by engine all night, so the watch was quite boring, but when I was on outwatch I saw three falling stars. I will not tell what I wished for when I saw the two first, but when I saw the third one I didn’t quite know what to wish for, so I wished to see a dolphin. Two minutes after that, I looked down in the water and what did I see? A DOLPHIN! The lanterns lighted it up as it swam next to the ship for a few minutes. Then two more dolphins came swimming and I think they only got more threw the night. When my watch was over I looked at them a last time and then I saw six of them. I couldn’t look away, they were too beautiful. I now believe that wishes come true when you wish upon a star.

Agnes Nord, midship


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