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Nice weather and no wi-fi. All is well.

I don’t miss Wi-Fi as much as I thought I would, surprisingly.

The weather here is really nice, it’s a bit cloudy, but mostly warm and sunny. On the middle of the day it can get really hot on the big deck where it’s leeward, up to 27 degrees. Since we aren’t used to the heat we wear light clothes while the Portuguese people wear warm jackets and long trousers.

Yesterday and today we have something that’s called ”familisering” where we get to know the boat and all it’s rules, and trust me, it’s many rules and things to remember. Yesterday my group went down to the engine room and checked all different kinds of machines and made ”fika” in the galley.

The engine room is very hot and pretty small. Midship had the nightshift and I got the 20:30-22:30 and 7:30-8:00 watch yesterday night. I went down to the engine room, changed the towels and sat by the entrance on the boat and things like that. Even though it was two hours the time passed by very fast since people were awake and came up to talk all the time. In the morning I got to raise the Portuguese flag. Today my group will climb on the rig and wear the safety harness for the first time which is both exiting and scary.

I don’t miss Wi-Fi as much as I thought I would, surprisingly. But since no one else have internet you kind of forget about social medias and the people home in Sweden. Instead of talking to other people on snapchat or so you talk to the people that’s here.

Lovisa Magnusson


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