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No escape

Today has been another sunny day onboard the T/S Gunilla.

Around us there's only the sea, wherever you look, and above us the sun is hotter than ever. I would be lying if I said that we're all enjoying this, since many of us are hiding in the shadows. It's not that we don't like the sunlight, not like we don't want to see an endless sky above our heads, because we do. It's beautiful and fascinating, and it's amazing that we get to experience something like this. What many of us don't like, is the fact that there's no escape from the heat. It doesn't matter where you go, the temperature is pretty much the same everywhere. Outside there's almost nowhere you can hide from the sun, and the inside of the boat is like a sauna, because of the broken air conditioner.

Still, we keep working and studying, even if we sometimes just want to lay down and give up. Since that isn't an option, we instead try to drink as much water as possible, we sleep with our doors open and we sit outside while studying.

A place onboard that is a nice place to go now in the heat, is up in the mast. Of course it's still sunny and hot up there, but to feel a soft breeze against your skin is a blessing in this heat. Also, if you're as afraid as I am when climbing, you easily forget the heat when you're too preoccupied with focusing on not falling to your death. Once again, I'm not kidding. Still, it's worth it for the wind and for the fact that you can sing as loudly as you like and nobody can hear you (it's a great way to forget your fears).

Otherwise, there's not a lot happening onboard. We're all looking forward to tomorrow, because Sunday, means a day off from school. And even more, we're looking forward to the 26th of January, when we're supposed to arrive to Grenada. It's about 625 nautical miles left, which, if the Captain is right, is supposed to take about 5 days. Let's hope that we'll have some food left, for the last days away from land.

Best regards, Karin Hansson.


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