Öckerö gymnasium

No hablo español

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. The fire alarm just went off. First on deck I waited for the rest of the crew that was sleepwalking their way to the gathering. Quite a scene. This wasn’t a practice but everyone acted like it.

Because we were already woken up but the pleasant sound of hell they took the opportunity to have the morning meeting right away and we sang for a student that had her birthday today. The rest of the day we were on a trip with our usual guides that showed us a town made for tourists called Las Terrazas, which got the name for having a bunch of terraces, clever. Then we went to a river to swim where there were actual living habitants. It was a lot of fun.

In the evening we were free to roam the streets and we happened to stumble upon a group of kids that ware playing ball. The group didn’t pay much attention to us except this one girl that stood there and stared at us. She tried to communicate with us but the only information we could give was “No hablo español”. She kept standing there staring at ut as we gathered around her in fascination. After a long moment of awkward silence we manage to communicate and started playing ball with this group of girls and it was so much fun, until someone kicked the ball over a fence.

The end.

Sofia Klahr, Portside


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