Öckerö gymnasium

No more rice and beans!

Today was the last day with our guides Candie and Bianca. The last thing they took us to was the International School in Cuba.

A big difference between the International School and the Cuban school. In this school most of the students were fluent in English and could not speak any Spanish.

It was a nice school and evening was very clean. The students knew that they had good standard on the school. After the hour in school we took the bus back to the boat. There we hade some free time but just some hours because we waited some guests to the boat around 15 pm. The guests was some people from the Swedish anpassad. They liked the boat a lot and was happy that we had come to Cuba. They thanked for the invite and arrived from the boat around 16-17 pm.

We thanked them for visiting the boat and know it was time to say goodbye to Havanna. We started the trip to Belize and said goodbye to Cuba. It was a beautiful city, and definitely one of the most interesting stops on our journey. No more rice and beans!

Around 7 o’clock in the evening we sailed away from Cuba and are now on our way to Belize. We are exited to arrive to Belize and we hope that Belize City has a supermarket and some good restaurants. Hope!!!



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