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No pain no gain.

We woke up after a rough day, we were all tired and felt that our legs were numb. Some crazy other groups had already gone up in the mountains again to hike even more than yesterday. But my group felt that enough was enough and we were happy with the adventure that we had gotten.

To explain a bit about what happened yesterday; the whole class got the following assignment. We were to divide ourselfs into small groups. Four 2 to six men in each group and go to an assigned town and hike from there. Before, at the boat we were each given 4000 escudos (about 400 SEK) that we were going to use to find a hotel to stay at for one night and to buy lunch, dinner and breakfast. The following day (present) we got a time and place that we were all going to meet at to go home again. And of we were to hike!

What an adventure we got! Me and my group took an Aluguer, which in short was a pick up truck with benches in the back. A bit cheaper and a much more fun and thrilling experience than a normal Swedish taxi. Anyway, we went up to a volcano crater (because we are ofcourse to lazy to walk up) and then decided that we should hike down the mountain. And so we did, and such an great idea it was. The view was stunning and marvelous.

When we got back at the meeting place everyone were tired and said that they almost could not move their legs because of all of the walking that had been done. I thought that it meant that the people that were tired had had a great time because no pain no gain. And so it seems, everyone started to talk about the great adventure that their group has had. And so did i ofcourse. Some people talked about the bad hotel they stayed at, some talked about the strange food that they were serverd, and even that the toilets were not functioning. That was me..

At the time we got back to the boat people were asleep, some people when we got aboard jumped straight to bed and fell asleep. How unlucky i was ofcourse i had to do the diches because my watch were on duty at that time. So i could not sleep until late at that evening.

All in all it was an great experience to have all that responsibility, and i dont really understand how the teachers are able or allowed to give us this responsibility. But i should not be complaining because i love it.

Hampus Johansson Krook


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