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Normal harbour day

It’s the fourth day in Malaga and noting specially is happening. The normal harbour schedule moves on ass usual.

It was a completely normal harbour day. I woke up by seven o clock ass usual to eat breakfast and then have the line up by eight. And then go back to bed again and get back the sleep I lost the night before. I woke up two hours later well rested and wanted to go out and explore Malaga. But it wasn’t that easy. If you want to get out from Gunilla and in to the ports you ned to be atlest three people before six o’clock. And almost everyone was asleep except some people that was studying. So I thought why don’t do the same. I walked to my cabin to get my computer and my plan was to write an essay about different working injuries. But that didn’t go so well, because I met two friends in the corridor that was completely new awake and had exactly same plan that I had before. So I walked back to my cabin again to put back my computer. Then we left Gunilla and walked to the mall to look at the black Friday sale. Our plan was to only be out two hours and be back to lunch. That worked out pretty good until we arrived to the mall it was 99 procent full. And it was only around 11 in the noon on a Friday! and most stores didn’t have a black Friday sale. We walked around in a clothes store for about 40 minutes. When I found everything I needed so I walked to the line. It was pretty long, I stood in the line for about 15 minutes just as long as it take to go back to the boat. So we sadly missed the lunch and had to eat out side. After our lunch we went back to the boat. We was back around three o clock. Nothing more interesting happened that day. I started writing this text and then I went to the super market to buy some fruits.

We only have two days more in Malaga and I believe every one think its going to be fun to sail to Morocco.

Hugo, port


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