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Northern lights and good news

Today I was woken up at 11:30 pm by the previous watch singing the song Home and a promise about northern lights on deck.

This promise made me practically run up on deck in hopes of catching a glimpse of the light phenomenon and thankfully I did. On the ship’s port side the green light lit up the otherwise pit black sky in a wonderful and a bit surreal way. Later during the watch, after hearing a whales breath, seeing sea fire and drinking hot chocolate, we saw a blinking white light in the ocean. Since life vests have blinking white lights this made us concerned and we took down the sails and turned around the ship to go back and search for the light. Fortunately it was merely a false alarm, the light belonged to some kind of buoy or fishing gear, so we sat sails and got back on course again.

Seven hours later me and my cabin mates were woken up once again, this time for a combined breakfast and lunch. Since it’s Sunday today the breakfast consisted of pancakes, eggs and bacon and today’s lunch was a pasta with asparagus, spinach and mushrooms. I did definitely not leave the kitchen hungry. Another Sunday tradition is that our schedules are free from lessons and instead we have a meeting with the entire crew on deck where both students and crew members can bring forward anything they have on their minds. Today on the meeting captain gave us the amazing news that we will stop at the Shetland islands on our way home. We will hopefully get there on Wednesday and stay for two nights before we continue our voyage to Öckerö. It will be really fun to explore another destination apart from Reykjavik and also nice to feel some steady land under my feet before going back to sea again.

Goodbye landlubbers

Linn Mauritzson, Midship


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