Öckerö gymnasium

Northern sea

I am sitting in the “big mess” which is an accurate word for it. It’s a bit chaos with the furniture’s and the shower cabins, but at the same time cosy.

Someone is reading, someone is writing diary, someone sleeps, someone paints. I’m listening to music that I’ve downloaded, and it actually helps when you are seasick. According to the sailing -schedule me and Alice are “backisar”, that means when you are in the kitchen. I like being in the kitchen here. We have amazing chefs that aren’t just funny and nice but cooks delicious food. And one of the best moments is when you are “backis” at night and turn up the volume on the speaker to max. Such as today. Alice and I made chocolate pudding and a fruit salad for our watch, and it was estimated!

Today has been great. All sails are up except for one, and it feels powerful to sail without any climate impact. It is different in comparison to when the motor is on, quieter. In fact, some birds have been following the boat and I believe they stay onboard to rest their wings here.

When you live like this, and work eight hours a day, you begin to feel tired and worn after a while. Therefore, it almost feels luxurious when you take some time to shower. Today I took that luxurious opportunity, unfortunately the water was freezing at the time, but still it was nice. After that I changed bedsheets which was lovely.

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