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Norwegian Maritime Rescue

As per usual we are sailing today and the sea runs high. I was in the pentry galley but needed some breaks in the fresh air.

Fewer people were seasick today but in our watch we still have 3 who are seasick and can’t work. Two of these people live in my cabin so tonight I was alone in our cabin, but that didn’t bother me. In our watch are we already 2 short and with the sick people we are just 8. Of those 8 people are two are in the pentry galley, 3 have post and one is Rodman so we just have 2-3 in our workforce so we are a few people short, other watches are about 8 people in their workforce. We hade visiters from the Norwegian res. All of us were up on the deck and looked when they came. They told oss a little about their job and what they do. After this we hade lessons and we had spoken and read about Daniel C. Solander and his discoveries.

Julie Edvardsson


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