Öckerö gymnasium

November 28th

"Good morning, the clock is 11:40 AM, in about ten minutes the lunch is ready to be served. It's hot outside today so shorts are an awesome choice, for lunch it's sup with bread!

This night I rolled back and fourth in my berth so it was a bit hard to get all of my sleep hours. Around the table at lunch we talked about what we used to listen to on Spotify. It was all from old classics from the 70th-80th-90th, Håkan Hellström, One Direction, Veronica Maggio and Kent.

When we had eaten we walked out with our dishes to buckets outside because the dishwasher got broken. So now we have to dish by hand.

12:25 it was time for lessons, today on the schedule it was port analysis, social science/Swedish and nature science. In the port analyses we talked about our thoughts about Senegal. We agreed that it was amazing to see the little village and get the chance to eat the national dish, dance to the drums and play with the children in the village Keur Simbara. Something we maybe never ever will experience again. The more bad parts was the traffic and that the smell wasn't veary pleasant everywhere. But the whole journey was a great experience that we will remember for a long time.

Round 3 PM it was time for a coffee break. Today it was lussekatter ( a type of Christmas dessert) it was so good. I will really recommend butter on a freshly baked lussekatt. Our chefs here on board are awesome, they always shock me with their delicious food meals.

On our morning watch and night watch, I and Elvin were the helpers in the kitchen so we were in the pentry and dish, clean, make nightcoffee and took FRAM for breakfast. After the pass I took a shower and wrote in my diary.

This day was a nice day and not so special but good anyway!

Ester Ivarsson


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