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Ocean safari

During our fourth day at sea on the way from Palma de Mallorca to Málaga we saw everything from dolphins to fireflies.

When midships went on guard at twelve o’clock the sky was alight with stars. The water was full of phosphorescence which looked like a twinkling reflection of the stars. There were almost no wind and no waves so unfortunately, we couldn’t sail. We climbed up to the top of the mast and sat there and looked at the stars and counted shooting stars. We also learned how to splice (when you sort of braid a rope together to create a loop). For night time snack we ate toast. Today we got smoothie and coming night we have pancakes to look forward to. When the clock started nearing four Karin read to us from a book about a ship that sank in the south pacific in the seventies.

Since the day has been very still and peaceful we have been able to focus on maintenance work. We have painted, knocked rust and smeared in wires with grease. The most exciting thing has been all the animals we’ve seen. Port claimed to have seen eight turtles, a fly-fish and a squid. We also saw dolphins swimming in the phosphorescence and someone in midships said they saw a firefly.

With three days to go until vi arrive in Málaga we have heard rumours that we might anchor the last night which is very exciting, but we also look forward to going into the port of Málaga since we are starting to run out of candy.

By Linnéa Alexandersson, MS


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