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Off we go!

No Miami I’m sorry, but Gunilla is the reason we are here.

Today is the day. After a couple of days in Miami we are finally leaving the city for seven days at sea. It’s not that we don’t like Miami, but there is nothing that can compare to the feeling of wind in your hair, salt on your cheeks and seeing nothing but the horizon ahead.

Starboard watch were in working when we left, and my watch, Portside, started at 12. It was the perfect weather for sailing – windy but warm. We could wear sleeveless shirts and shorts, and still set sails. I was look-out, steering and the guard who made sure nobody fell over board. That means a lot of standing and not doing all that much while the rest of the Portside watch got to set every sail. Every single one. That was not all that fun for me since I was really excited about sailing. I hope the weather will stay this way all the way to Jamaica, so I will get more chances to set sails myself.

Since this was the first day at sea we did not have any classes. Some of us spent the extra time working out, reading, studying or sleeping. Along with some friends I spent the time watching an episode of Planet Earth II. It was nice, but it isn’t like the time I remember from previous trips with Gunilla. It is very uncommon to have extra time at Gunilla and not want to spend it sleeping. But I will probably notice that tomorrow when our classes begin.

To sum this day up, it is truly wonderful to be here and to be sailing. We are looking forward to Jamaica but also feeling grateful for the present. We are sailing in the Caribbean with Gunilla, how great isn’t this?



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