Öckerö gymnasium

Ohoy, we go!

Miami treated us well with fantastic food, beautiful beaches and warm weather. We leave stronger than ever.

Although some students, me included, did not go too far on the use of sunscreen and therefore got a bit sunburnt. Not the fresh kind of tan, but the red one that causes discomfort. Other than that, I cannot wait to sail to Cuba, but it does not have to go too fast. I truly enjoy a life as a sailor onboard a ship like T/S Gunilla.

It did not take long until the seasickness kicked in. Not everyone is affected, but I sure am. Lucky for me there are people who take care of me. People are always asking how you are feeling and bringing out water and bread. I even got a wet towel to cover my eyes and neck with to get away from the hot sun for a moment. Kindness is evident in every passenger and for that I am grateful.

Warm clothing and a full stomach are key when you want to fight of the seasickness. However, the appetite for food is a day away. It stung in my heart when I could not finish my dinner of salmon and cooked potatoes. I really do love salmon and potatoes. The food here is over all expectations and I cannot believe how the cooks work to give us such great food! Tonight, Swedish “Kokosbollar”, raw chocolate balls consisting of cocoa, sugar, oatmeal, coconut and butter, is served and that I want to look forward to. I will try to squeeze one in, because they are delicious.

Lisa L


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