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Oil on the deck

To be honest this was a quite normal day on gunilla. We got woken up at 7 a clock and ate breakfast as usual and went up to the morning muster where we got the information we needed for the day by the officers.

The bell rang and starboard handed over the watcht to portside, My watch! We gathered around our watch leader and waited for instructions. She told us what jobs we had been assigned for the day. We had been assigned to paint the bow and to vanich the realings. I volunteered to vanich and after that I started working. We finished our first tasks quite fast and quickly got onto our next task. Oiling the deck! We got divided into teams and my team got the stern and we did this until our lunch break. The reason we have to do this is to protect the deck from water so it doesn't get damaged. But saying that we oiled the deck is kind of misleading as we used a mixture of 2 different components Linseed oil and turpentine.

After lunch I looked up and saw the royal sail when i asked klara our watch leader if i could go up and redo furling. I climbed up rigg until the last yard climbed out and started to undo the knots. This was definitely the best moment of the day. The feeling of hight and the view is definitely one of my favourite things.

That's all for today

Arvid E, Portside watch


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